Totem Point Lodge


My grandmother Irene (Gaudette) was the cook here ,on the French River, until her passing in 1969. For years, when the season ended, she'd winter with us in Levack.    

On those great days of her arrival, first thing- she'd boil water for a tea, sit at the kitchen table, and open her infinite purse. The scent of rivers and trees, mothballs and lipstick, train rides and Red Rose gently cascading out into the air . 

I visited her at the Lodge a few times as a young boy.

A good thirty five years later I was camping  not far down river and took a nostalgic paddle over to the Lodge  just to have  a look around. 

I walked into the memory brimming dining room overlooking Wolseley Bay, where the cook sat contemplatively, on her break. 

"Hello...You're Irene's grandson, aren't you"?